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Myofascial Release Therapy

Tower Chiropractic and Massage | Myofascial Release Therapy

Tower Chiropractic and Massage offers Functional Myofascial Release Therapy, here at our downtown Calgary Health and Wellness Clinic. Functional Myofascial Release Therapy is considered a non-invasive, soft-tissue treatment that is used to identify and breakdown scar tissue. Scar tissue may cause muscle stiffness, weakness, pain, numbness, and dysfunction in the body. By using his hands, in conjunction with specially designed instruments, Our team works at breaking down these adhesions, restoring proper function. Functional Myofascial Release treatment is recommended for repetitive strain injuries and may be used to optimize athletic performance.

At Tower Chiropractic and Massage, Functional Myofascial Release used in conjunction with many other treatments as a natural method of healing. We focus on alleviating and rehabilitating your body from the roadblocks that keep it from functioning to its top potential. Dr. Jeffrey Schacter and his team of wellness providers at Tower Chiropractic and Massage will always focus their attention on identifying and treating the root cause of your conditions and illness, rather than only treating the symptoms.

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