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Active Muscle Release

What is Active Release Therapy?

Active Muscle Release (AMR), also called Active Release, is a non-invasive manual therapy technique offered by Dr. Matt McManus that works to correct soft tissue restrictions that cause pain and mobility issues. The goal is to break down scar tissue and adhesions between the layers of tissue in order to allow them to move and slide over top one another. This will help optimize body function and healing.

The technique can be applied to both acute and chronic conditions involving the muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and fascia.

During treatment, a trained Chiropractor will position your tissue so it’s “active.” For example, to treat an injured muscle with AMR, the therapist puts you in a position so that the muscle is shortened and then applies hands-on tension. Next, they’ll instruct you to specifically move while they hold the tension in place. They may apply this combination of tension and motion to several different areas before you feel the full release.

It’s kind of like massage but with motion and stretching, except the physiotherapist will use small, targeted contact points rather than broad strokes. The technique can feel quite intense as it increases your nervous system’s tolerance for stretching the muscle. Many describe it as a “good pain.” or Dr. Matt’s favorite “It Hurts So Good”.

What conditions does Active Muscle Release treat?

AMR can be used on individuals with acute trauma (i.e. tears, sprains), chronic trauma (i.e. lower back pain), cumulative or overuse traumas (i.e. repetitive strain injuries, tendonitis) and post-operative cases. AMR is ideal for individuals with conditions related to overworked muscles.

When AMR is paired with Chiropractic adjustments, almost any condition is treatable!

Most common conditions treated by AMR include:

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