Suite 174
Palliser Square One
125 9th Avenue SE
Calgary, AB T2G 0P6

Welcome to Tower Chiropractic and Massage


Experiencing lower back pain?

Suffering from headaches?

Do you have pain in your joints?

Feeling a lot of tension?

Can’t find a solution to your pain?


Welcome to Tower Chiropractic and Massage! We have been a proud part of the Downtown Calgary Tower Community at Palliser Square for over 25 years now.

Our primary focus is your Health: Our promise is complete, focused, patient-centered care. We understand healing is individual and each patient responds differently to specific treatments. Our chiropractic and wellness team are committed to helping you achieve the goal of pain-free living. We focus on providing effective and integrated health services which include chiropractic care, massage therapy and multiple related therapies and treatments, all under one roof.

Our convenient location in Palliser Square One (just east of the Calgary Tower) and flexible appointment scheduling, one of our strongest advantages is the ability (for any of our clients who are experiencing pain or discomfort) to easily come to our office during their busy workday and to get the relief that they need in order to be able to function effectively (you can call us at a moments notice!).

Our approach is not typical; we offer extended treatment times, one-on-one visits and combined treatment modalities. The therapists who provide these services communicate treatment updates with the clinical team, to ensure a clear path is being followed in the rehabilitation process.

Tower Chiropractic and Massage is committed to your overall health and well-being.
Get expert advice; make an appointment, no referral required!