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Y-Strap Adjustment

What is the Y-Strap tool?

Y-Strap™ is decompression tool, primarily used to stretch the spine to release pressure from the vertebrae from top to bottom. It is inspired by manual spine traction techniques in the “Y-Axis” to help reduce the tension in the vertebrae and discs.

This tool allows spine stretching by supporting the sub-occipital region of the skull to decompress the cervical, thoracic and lumber regions of the spine.

What is the Y-Strap Chiropractic adjustment?

y strap

The Y-Strap stretching tool was adapted to the Chiropractic profession. It has become quite famous over social media platforms

through videos and is now available at Tower Chiropractic and Massage with Dr. Matt McManus!

In conjunction with the slow, smooth spinal traction/decompression techniques, some therapists apply an additional High Velocity, Low Amplitude (HVLA) thrust. This is when the Chiropractor applies an “adjustment” to the user.

The HVLA procedure generates a swift decompression within the vertebral discs, that generates an internal vacuum (the Popping sound), that enables nutrients to flow into the discs much the same as a standard Chiropractic adjustment.

The great advantage in using the Y-Strap to mobilize the spine is the straight angle and non-existant torsion of the procedure to

reduce spinal compression and muscle stiffness.

How does it work?

The purpose of the spine stretching and traction is to relax the muscles of the back, to anatomically align the spine, to increase increase disc heights, and open the Intervertebral Foramina (IVF).

The IVF’s are small openings between each vertebra of the spine where spinal nerves exit from the spinal cord and travel to all parts of the body. Just as with a standard Chiropractic adjustment, opening up the IVF will relieve any irritation or pressure on the spinal nerves thus restoring their ability to stimulate/control/regulate the body but more importantly Reduce Pain.

Is the Y-Strap safe?

Yes! In some instances even Safer than the proven safe Chiropractic adjustment! However, just like with all forms of treatment from prescription drugs, to acupuncture, to chiropractic adjustments there are potential risks and those must be assessed by a doctor to determine each person’s eligibility.

Spine traction has been a well known and effective therapy in the medical profession for hundreds of years. It has been proven to have a positive effect from physiological, anatomical and neurological perspectives.

What makes the Y-Axis spine manipulation different to many other spine manipulations done by chiropractors and physiotherapists, is the fact that it is performed Without any Torque.

Why is this stretching tool called a Y-Strap?

The Y-Strap, or y-axis traction strap to be more specific, gets its name from two characteristics that describe it:

A) The body axis (Y-Axis) where the force takes place: The Y-Axis, also known as vertical axis is aligned with the spine.

B) The shape of the tool when used on the user’s neck and the axis it is used in regarding the user’s body. As seen in the picture beside, the lower part of the “y” is the part that is wrapped around the user’s neck  and back of the head.

After fastening the Y-Strap to the user’s head size with the small adjuster, the two “arms” of the “y” lead to the handle bar of the y-strap that is used by the partner or therapist to perform the stretching motion in the y-axis of the user’s body.


What is a chin strap and what is it needed for?

The Y-Strap works on its own with most users but, as the anatomic differences between humans are significant, some users with less-pronounced occipital bone may find the Y-Strap to slip.

The chin strap is an extra piece of padded strap that is attached to the main Y-Strap via a reusable velcro system over the user’s chin to firmly stabilize the user’s head within the Y-Strap. The chin strap allows practitioners to be able to perform the Y-strap stretch on any occipital anatomy.

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