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Jazmin Ibarra


“As an artist, I focus my skills into Art Therapy.

As an RMT I sculpt well-being.

Massage Therapy is the perfect fusion between Art and Well-being.”

Jazmin Ibarra worked as a Sculptor, Illustrator and French and Fine Arts Teacher in Europe, Syria and Mexico for more than 15 years. As an artist, she enjoyed translating her skills towards Art Therapy, as a means to help people feel better. Very soon, she realized Massage was a wonderful fusion between art and health care, and a very efficient tool to heal, recover and feel better.

In Canada, she enjoys living the fusion between Education, Art and Therapy. Her Canadian work experience includes RMT, Anatomical Illustrator and Massage Therapy Tutor and Teacher Assistant. Her passion is to  promote health and body mechanics awareness by providing professional and accurate Massage Therapy treatments and guidance.

Jazmin Ibarra, rmt, anatomical illustrator and developer of postural training.


Jazmin is:

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