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Hot Stone Massage Therapy Treatments

Tower Chiropractic and Massage | Hot Stone Massage Therapy

As an added benefit to our regular massage therapy services, Tower Chiropractic and Massage is pleased to offer Hot Stone Massage Therapy Treatments here, in our Downtown Calgary Chiropractic and Massage clinic.

Hot Stone Massage uses warmed stones that are positioned on your body to maximize the therapeutic benefits of massage therapy. The stones used during our Hot Stone Massage are smooth rocks, made of basalt. The stones are heated in a sanitizing water bath before each use. The stones retain their heat during your Hot Stone Massage due to the high iron content in the basalt.

Our Massages benefit your physical and psychological state. The heat from the hot stones will help your muscles relax, allowing your massage therapist to work deep into your tissues. If you suffer from overly tense muscles, it can be difficult for your massage therapist to manipulate them. With this kind of Massage, your muscles tend to relax, releasing tension to sooth sore muscles and to enhance your massage.

The entire team at Tower Chiropractic & Massage are looking forward to providing you with the highest caliber of care in Calgary’s Downtown Core.

Call us at (403) 263-7477 to request your Downtown Calgary Hot Stone Massage appointment today!